We Guarantee Your Rent

The demand for residential rental property is at its highest for many years and is not showing signs of slowing. At Penny Lane we have a dedicated team who ensure we maximise your property potential and ensure that you receive the best possible from your individual property or portfolio.

We include rent guarantee that is second to none, it is free with all new tenancies. Key benefits include absolutely no excess period plus the policy will pay out indefinitely including legal cover of up to £25,000. This gives you total peace of mind that you will get your money no matter what.

We also provide a ‘Rent On Time’ service where you can choose to have your rent guaranteed and we will pay you on time every month within 2 working days of the tenants rent being due, regardless of whether your tenant pays us or not.

Over and above all of this we have 2 central offices all of which have dedicated staff to service your needs and look after both the property and the tenant.

Years of experience and the fact that we are also landlords ourselves proves we practice what we preach and know exactly what you expect and need.

We also operate all over Scotland.

Penny Lane Letting

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