We have a high end repair reporting system for use of all of our tenants, please follow this link to report your repair. This system allows quick and accurate reporting and recording of maintenance.

CLICK HERE to report your repair

Generally the more information we get the easier and quicker contractors can attend.

Maintenance information for tenants

As you will be aware we act on behalf of the owner of the house/flat you have rented as managing agents.

As part of this role we will sometimes arrange and instruct repairs of emergency nature.

Some repairs required to the house/flat will be of an emergency nature and others not so important, please be aware that we will contact the owners and require their instructions prior to arranging a repair jobs.

Emergency and out of hours problems

What is an emergency?

Smell of gas, water leak or break in.

An emergency is something that cannot wait until we open, if you call a tradesman unnecessarily you may be held liable for the costs involved.

In the event of a gas leak call SGN on 0800 912 1700

Water coming into your flat

Firstly inform the upstairs neighbour and ask that he/she arranges for a plumber to attend to as the leak is likely to be coming from their property.

If you cannot make contact with that neighbour and the water ingress is becoming excessive contact our office in the first instance and if we are closed contact environmental health who will send police to break into the property and turn off the water. THIS SHOULD ONLY BE DONE IN AN ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY. You MUST report any leaks to us so we can arrange for an inspection of any damage.

Please note that an emergency a plumber will merely turn off water at the mains they will not source the problem.

Water leak from your flat going downstairs

Check no water is running (ie bath/shower/taps) and all appliances are off. Locate the stop cock (usually located under sink or by utility meters) and turn off any water supply. Contact our office in the first instance. If you cannot locate the stop cock and if we are closed you will be provided with the contact details of an emergency plumber.

Please note that an emergency a plumber will merely turn off water at the mains they will not source or repair the problem.

Maintenance FAQs

As a tenant you are responsible for general housekeeping, changing light bulbs, smoke alarm batteries and gardening

Loss of electricity

Full loss of electricity usually means a power cut, check with your neighbours, if they have no electricity phone the distributor for your area.

Lights have all/part gone out and sockets not working

Lights/sockets can often be tripped by a light bulb blowing or an appliance being faulty and tripping the circuit. Locate the fuse box and check the switches, they should all be up, if any are down flick it on. If the fuse box is older style with wire fuses please contact our office and we shall organize an electrician.

White goods/appliance breakdown

Refer to manufacturer’s instructions in the first instance, usually located in a kitchen drawer, contact our office if the problem persists.

Please note that any misuse of items, such as washing machines being overloaded or items found to be stuck in them may result in you being held liable for the cost.

Should your vacuum cleaner not be picking up items check that the bag is not full and there are no blockages.

Heating not working

Most boilers have instructions on the inside panel, follow these to relight the pilot light. Generally you need to hold in the reset button, keep pressed in for 10 secs and the light should stay on. If the problem persists please contact our office.

The radiators are not heating up very well

The radiators may need to be bled. There may be a radiator key in the property, if not one can be purchased from any hardware shop. To bleed the radiator insert the key to top end of the radiator on triangular knob and turn slightly holding a cloth underneath- this will allow air to be released- you will know when to stop when water begins to drip.

Shower not working

Firstly establish whether the shower is electric or mains operated (hot water comes from the boiler) if there is a cord or switch check this is on before calling our office.

I have never used white meter heating before. How does it work?

White meter heating runs at off peak times, it is set to activate between 11pm and midnight and de-activates at approximately 7 / 8 am.

1. Switch on the switch in kitchen or at the boiler (the light will not come unless it is during the activation period) leave switched on at all times.

2. Switch on storage heaters individually at switch on the wall.

3. Each storage heater will have two knobs, input and output, input – controls the amount of heat that is stored and output controls the amount of heat released.

Inside the storage heater are bricks which absorb the heat overnight when electricity is cheaper and the heat is then released quickly or slowly depending on the setting on the output knob e.g. If output is left at setting 3 overnight the room should be warm in the morning and throughout the day.

The boost switch on the panel can be used if more hot water is needed, this is usually located in the kitchen or beside the boiler.

The drains and/or sink are blocked

Blockages must be first attended to by the tenant by using a strong drain cleaner and/or plunger. If this does not alleviate the issue then contact our office. Most drainage and waste issues are general maintenance for occupants.

Please note that if debris ie foodstuffs or hygiene items are the cause, you may be charged for this call out.

Lost keys

Should you lose your keys please contact our office as we may hold a spare set, you may be charged for provision of a spare set or asked to pay a deposit along with photographic id. Please note that we do not hold a spare set of keys for every property, should locks require to be changed or the door forced open you will be held liable for this.